Friday, December 7, 2012

Gameboard Drawing

I think the piece turned out okay from what I expected it to look like in the end. I didn't like the designs on the rooms of the gameboard. They were very difficult to draw and I hated drawing them. I feel okay with this piece. I would haver preffered it too look different and better, but it is okay. I think that the front of the gameboard came out nice, but towards the back it started looking worse. It also looks very unproportional. I would probably try and work harder on my watercolors if I were to do this project again because I didn't like how my watercolors turned out. The most difficult part was drawing it so that it was proportional and also trying to do the watercolors after I drew it. It was hard because I do not really know how to use watercolors. I learned about one point and two point perspective by working on this piece.

Anamorphosis Drawing

I took the picture and brought it into photoshop and made it wider at the top and longer. This created a 3-D perspective. So if the viewer were to look at the photo at a different anlge then it would like like it was sitting on the page. It was also important for me to shade and color in my sketch with colored pencils to make it look more real. I added value so I could also create a shadow. The shadow also made the drawing look like it was standing on top of the page.


I changed the photo in the lab by changing the threshold so that there was positive/negtative space throughout the picture. I tried to make the background the colors of nature because my photo was of rocks. I wanted to make the photo be all nature and natural. I used the positive space as the rocks and the shadows of the rocks. Then is used the negative space to represent some of the rocks and the water. As I was using the xacto knife I had to cut away from myself so I would not cut myself. I also had to be very careful and steady with the knife just to ensure of complete safety. There were not that many challenges I had when using the xacto knife though. I enjoyed using the spray paint. I used white so you could still see the nature in the background. I put the stencil in the center because Pillow told me to put it there. Personally I liked it better toward the right though. And I used black spray paint on the stencil to make sure that the landmark was visible.