Monday, January 12, 2015


For my observational piece I observed my dog and took pictures of her. This picture really spoke to me because it kind of shows what the naked eye can think without giving context to what was going on behind the picture. At first sight it looks like my dog is satanic or demon possessed, but with closer observation and more knowledge you would be surprised to know that she was actually just yawning. It shows the viewer that without observing and analyzing something you can be surprised that you are missing the actual picture entirely. I really like this picture and I'm glad I could capture it with perfect timing to show everyone my dog. I haven't had much experience with photography but I really like it and I may try to use it again on future projects.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Final Exam Post

1) What is art?

In the beginning of the year I explained that art was a freedom of expression thought creativity and imagination. Now, I said that art cannot be defined in a single sentence. Art is self expression. Art is what comes from the heart and flows through your brain into the paper. I said that art is a feeling that is expressed in any way that one pleases.

2) List some reasons that an artist would need to use observation when making artwork.

In the beginning of the year I said observation was used to get correct detail, to see color, and to see shapes. Now that I've been through art 3 I've learned that observation is necessary to create a piece with complete accuracy. Observation is drawing all of the details to get exactly what you want just using your basic senses. I pretty much knew what observation was in the beginning, but now I know more about observation after taking this class.

3) Is copying always plagiarism or is there a gray area? Explain your thoughts.

In the beginning of the year I thought that copying wasn't always plagiarism. I said there is gray area where you could just be using someone's idea, but creating something different with it. My answer at the beginning of the year is very similar to my answer at the end because I answered the exact same thing. Art 3 taught me that copying isn't always plagiarism, and I know that now for sure.

4) What are some reasons why artists make art?

I said at the beginning of the year that art was used to express yourself and make a statement. Now I said that there isn't one single reason that an artist makes art. An artist makes art because they want to or maybe even because they're forced to. The point is, there is no answer to this question. Art is everywhere, and anyone and everyone can make art.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Inspiration Piece

I worked on this project with Samantha. We were inspired to do it based off of the painting at the NC Art Mueseum called Invasive by Steed Taylor. We painted it with temperate paint, just like Taylor's, so it will be washed away after weather and rain. I thought these painting that he did on the trails were very cool and nice. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and create something that would inspire others like his work inspired me. I tried to make my piece deep and thoughtful, so I chose something very important to me: love. I truly believe that you cannot live without love, and love should be shown towards everyone and everyone should show love others. Because without love, nothing is important or meaningful in life. I really liked how this turned out and I hope other people like it as well. I hope people see the beauty in this piece that I saw in Taylor's work. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Destruction Project

For the destruction project I didn't have a piece that I wanted to destroy so I created a quick painting of a butterfly in a garden. Then, to destroy it I painted a piece of bread over my beautiful painting. Then I put the paper in a toaster. At first, nothing happened, but then it started to smell really bad. And smoke started to come out of the toaster. Then the paper caught on fire and we had to turn the toaster off. The paper was completely destroyed, and that was my destruction. I toasted my toast.

Smooth Drawing

For this drawing I drew my hair in a bun. Immediately I thought of silky smooth hair. I used pencil as my medium and I tried my best to shade and get value so that the hair looked as real and smooth as I could possibly make it. I enjoy doing this quick sketch and making it look as smooth as possible. I liked doing this mini project and seeing what other people did when they thought of the word smooth. I really liked working on this project and I hope we can do something like this again.

Artist Collaborate

For the artists collaborate project me, Samantha, and Erik let people create their own story, but limited their knowledge on the events that occurred before. We had Mr. Sands start the first page by writing a sentence and then drawing a picture. Then we had the next person look at the page before and create another page. And then the next person was only allowed to look at the page before to create another page. And so on, until we felt the story needed to take an end. Then we had Mrs. Rossi finish the story off. This project was fun and I enjoyed working on it with everyone else. It was also funny to see how the story went along with people only being able to see the first page. It took some unexpected turns but I think in the end it turned out well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Artists Solve Problems

This project really taught me how to solve problems. As an artist you encounter many problems. The problem I had to work through with this project was I only was allowed to use one color. It was difficult to get the right values for each part of his face but I was able to work through this problem and create a nice piece. I really like how this turned out and I'm happy I chose to do this as my project. It taught me a lot about are and dealing with problems.