Art 2 Final Portfolio

1) My most successful project was the "Up Close and Personal" project. My process through this was long! It took me a while to blend all the colors together because I had to layer a lot, but I really like working with oil pastel so it wasn't too bad. I chose my medium as oil pastel because as I said before, I love oil pastel, and also when we were practicing with the different mediums I thought that oil pastel was my strongest. I'm glad I chose oil pastel as my medium because I like how bright my piece turned out, and I don't think I could've gotten it so bright with colored pencils or chalk. I'm also happy that I chose to make it very close and personal because it really shows the details in the lemons (yes they are lemons, not limes) that I was hoping to show with my blending skills. My technique I feel was also well, I like how I lightly layers the colors and then layer darker and darker and then layer on a few different colors that bring out the others. For example I put a lot of orange in the lemons though you would never find orange in an actual lemon. Overall, I really enjoyed this project because I got to use my favorite medium and I just loved the way it turned out, and I don't think I could've done any better. I gave it my all.

2) My least successful project was definitely the "Mixed Media Project" which is disappointing because it was my last project and I was really excited about my idea. I was really excited to do this project because I liked the idea of Snow White being inside the poisoned apple that had a bite in it because it showed how she was trapped inside of it once she took a bite. I thought it was a cool and interesting concept but I just didn't execute it quite right. I think a major problem was the time issue. I was pretty pressed on time so I felt like I didn't have enough time to go back and fix my mistakes (such as how unproportional her body is). I also thing that I really need to work on drawing people because in all honesty I have no idea how to draw a person. I think I would change this piece by making her body look a bit more normal and I think I would add a few things because I didn't get the chance to add a bunch of things that I had planned on (her other hand, leaves to the apple, ect). Overall, this project was obviously not my best, but I enjoyed working on it because it was pretty out-of-the-box compared to what I normally do.

3) I think that these two pieces really show my growth as an artist over the semester. The one on the left was one of our first mini lessons and the one on the right was our second to last projects. Though both were used with different mediums I think they really show how my application skills, technique, artistic vision, use of the principle elements, creativity, intuition, and subject matter have all improved over the course of this semester. I think my application skills have gotten a lot better over the semester. I now starts from light to dark and I apply a little at first an then layer. In the beginning of the semester, as you can see, I did not apply that way. My technique has also improved which relates to my application. I now know how to use the mediums better so I know how to apply them correctly so my technique is good. My artistic vision has definitely improved because as you can see in the first picture I just put the gum ball in the middle of the paper while in the second picture I applied the 2/3 rule and only used 2/3 of the canvas. My use of the principle elements has also improved. Though I'm not the best with chalk (the first picture) I still think I've improved with it and that working with the chalk has helped me improve with painting as well. My creativity and intuition has improved as well. In the second picture I painted a real object with a fake spray. In the beginning of the semester I would've never thought of doing that! And my subject matter has also improved. I think with each project I really thought of all the possible ways I could've interpreted each theme, and in the end I really think I chose the best possible subject for me. I'm glad I was able to take this class this semester. And I'm happy I took it because I've really improved as an artist through this course.

4) These two drawings were my favorite mini lessons! They really helped me get a better feel for the mediums. I loved doing the oil pastel one because I love oil pastel and the mini lesson really helped me with figuring out how to apply and use the medium. It also helped my technique of applying the medium. I think that my instructions with this medium was good because I learned that you need to apply thin layers at first and then add more and more to properly blend them. This really helped me out on my "Up Close and Personal" project because I used oil pastels on it. The lollipop mini project was also one of my favorites. It really helped me with my ability to apply colored pencils because the only times I've ever really used colored pencils is when I used them to color in my coloring books, but doing this mini lesson it really helped me understand the shading and blending that can be done with them. I feel like I learned a lot through this lesson, and it really helped me with my mixed media project because I used colored pencils in that. I think both of these mini lessons really helped me become more successful in future projects.

5) Now lastly, what could possibly be my favorite medium? Well it's not like I've said it 1,000 times in previous posts. Of course it was oil pastel! I loved working with it because I loved the colors and brightness it has, and I loved the application process. Being able to blend and add new and different colors to create volume is just so fun to me. Even though the process is long and time consuming I really enjoy it. It was definitely my favorite to work with this year, and I hope to be working with it again in my future art classes. 


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