Art 1 Final Portfolio

1) I think my most successful project was my landscape painting that I made on the canvas. I enjoyed making this project, and I also enjoyed the overall outcome of the project. I thought in the end it turned out very nice. What made this project successful was my use of value throughout the project. I had to mix colors to get my desired outcome to make it look as real as possible. I also enjoyed this project because I was able to recreate a picture that I took in Wyoming. It is supposed to be a picture of the mountains and lake at Yellowstone National Park. The values that I added in the mountains showed the shadows that the sun was casting, and the I liked the reflection I made in the lake from the mountains. Overall I just really enjoyed making this project. I think this painting made me realize how much I actually enjoy painting and mixing colors together to make it look realistic.

2) The project that I grew the most from was definitely the clay tile piece. I learned how to use clay and make the clay look 3-D. I chose a moose as my animal and then created a background for it. It's background was in the tundra. So I made the mountains in the back to show that he was in the tundra zone. To attach my items to the slab of clay I had to score and slip the clay so the clay would stick. If I hadn't had done that then the clay would've fallen apart while it was in the kiln being fired so the painting would be dry as a bone. I was not very proud of the outcome of it, but I did learn the most from this project because it introduced very new concepts to me. I am glad I got to do it because I learned a lot about clay. I also learned more about using value to make it look realistic (which I have learned from previous projects too). But in the end I was proud it turned out this good considering how inexperienced I am with clay.

3) The project that I used skill from previous projects before was the game drawing. We were drawing board games in different perspectives. I chose to do a two point perspective. I used techniques and skills from my anamorphosis drawing because in my anamorphosis drawing I had to draw a bottle of Dr. Pepper in a perspective that made it look 3-D when look at it from a certain perspective. I also used the skills and techniques that Mrs. Rossi taught me when we were doing this unit. She taught us how to draw things to make them look 3-Dand putting the objects in perspective. I must say that my ruler was my best friend during this project because it was hard to get the piece look right without having straight lines everywhere. But I did not enjoy the watercolors for this project because I had never used them before. That was my only flaw during this project. Otherwise I had already learned most of the skills that I used in this project from previous projects.

4) The project that I think was least important was the print making project. I did not teach me much because I had already learned about print making last year in eight grade art. Although I did enjoy this project because I like print making I just did not learn much from it. I already knew how to cut the linoleum with the linoleum cutters to create negative and positive space throughout the piece. That is why this project was quite easy for me and blew through it quickly. Not that I do not wish we had not have done this project,  but I wish we could have done something to make it more interesting such as using more colors or making it bigger. Just something to make it pop out more would have been nice. But overall the project turned out nice, and I had fun making it. I am also glad that I chose a flamingo for the animal because I liked adding the texture of the feathers on it. I also liked making the ripples in the water for it. I just enjoyed this project overall.

5) The project that reflects me most as an artist I think would be the anamorphosis drawing. I think it can reflect me the most because I absolutely love Dr. Pepper. Also I enjoy coloring in colored pencils and mixing the colors to create value throughout. Blending the colors basically described who I was an artist. Bits and pieces of each color were able to create this bright and colorful picture of a Dr. Pepper bottle. Me as an artist can relate to the blending of each color because I am a very defined artist. I crave perfection in my artwork, and if it is anything less than perfect then I dislike it. I become embarrassed of it, and I do not want anyone else to see it including myself. Which goes along with my sketch. All the colors come together to make the project what it is. If any of the colors were not there then the project would not be perfect. That is why I was very pleased with the outcome of this project. I think it was close to perfect if not perfect. And this project really showed who I was as an artist.

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