Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clay Tile Piece

Clay Tile Pieces
This is my clay tile piece that I made. I made a moose in the tundra zone by using clay. I made it in a certain way that so it would look 3-D in the end. I liked how I had the grass popping out of the tile piece. I also liked how I had his antler coming out of the tile. I thought it was an interesting project, but I must say that I am not very pleased with the overall outcome of it. I did work very hard on it, but I think that clay just is not my "thing" because it does not look very realistic to me. I did enjoy working with the clay before because I had never done anything like that before. It was definitely a good experience for me. 

Landscape Portrait

Landscape Portrait
The landscape portrait was probably one of my favorite projects. I enjoyed mixing the colors to add value, and I liked the way this project turned out in the end. Blending the color really made the piece look realistic in the end. I also like the reflection I made on the water from the mountains. This project was one of my favorites also because I got to create it from a picture that I took in Wyoming. Which made it even cooler to look at the final piece and compare it to the picture I took. I think I was definitely most impressed with this project. I was glad that I was able to create something like this because I had never created anything like this before.