Monday, March 24, 2014

Coca-cola can

Oil pastel was definitely my favorite. I used this for my final project too because I really enjoyed the values shown with it. It was my favorite drawing I did. I also liked how bright and colorful they were. I also enjoyed how well I blended all the colors together by layering the colors. Oil pastel was my favorite technique.

Colored pencil dum dum

The dum dum was fun to do because of it's shape. I like the shading and it was easy to add value. I didn't like how I drew the wrapper but otherwise I liked the actual candy. I liked using several colors to show the values of the candy. I enjoyed my experience with the colored pencils. 

Chalk drawing

I drew a gum ball using chalk and I don like it at all. The chalk was hard to use and I had trouble blending it. I wasn't a fan of the chalk. We had to show the highlights of the gum ball with the chalk and it was very difficult. Chalk just isn't for me. I did like how bright the color got though. But I couldn't blend very well. It was still a cool experience.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scientific Drawing

I went about the project with confusion. It was difficult to think about what would really be different and abstract me with this project. I came up with a few ideas at first and I didn't really like any of them but drawing a different form of biotechnology and then an idea of a galaxy being within an eyeball. I was pretty set on doing the eyeball, but I was struggling with the eyelashes. So I sketched out an idea for the biotechnology theme and I sort of liked the way it looked on the paper. So I went with that idea. I was contemplating the idea of playing it safe or trying something different. Mrs. Rossi told me to try something new so I decided on the pen and ink style. My final sketch was okayish. I tried different pen and ink styles on it and finally decided to stippling on the pot and hatching on the leaves. Once I was done I made a few touch ups on the value and finally, I got my final product.